Xunta de Galicia celebrated its first Open Lab workshop in Baixa Limia- Serra do Xures (Galicia)

The 25th of November, Xunta de Galicia hosted the first Open Lab workshop in Galicia to present the SHELTER project. The General Directorate of Environmental Quality and Climate Change, partner of SHELTER, explained to the stakeholders the project aims to bring together the scientific community and managers of natural and cultural heritage in order to increase resilience, that is the ability of human beings to adapt to circumstances or an adverse environment, reduce vulnerability to change climate and promote a better and safer recovery in historical areas.

Other of the targets of the meeting was to learn about the know-how for the disasters management in the Open Lab in Galicia which is the natural park of the Baixa Limia- Serra do Xurés regarding the risk of forest fires through a participatory dynamic. The guests at this workshop were selected as stakeholders to participate in the development of the project over its three-year time horizon. Among the stakeholders there were by mayors of the local councils of the area, as well as, representatives of the administration whose competences fall in the fields of the natural heritage, cultural heritage, emergencies, arrangement of the territory, among others.

The contributions and results of this workshop will be shared next December in Turkey with the rest of the project partners.