This area includes the publications of the SHELTER project.

Using Organigraphs to Map Disaster Risk Management Governance in the Field of Cultural Heritage
Lead partners ULIEGE, ISRBC, EKO
Do we know how urban heritage is being endangered by climate change? A systematic and critical review
Lead partner UPV/EHU, TECNALIA
AI-based flood event understanding and quantification using online media and satellite data
Lead partner LINKS
Water Segmentation with Deep Learning Models for Flood Detection and Monitoring
Lead partner LINKS
Supervised Burned Areas delineation by means of Sentinel-2 imagery and Convolutional Neural Networks
Lead partner LINKS
Sentinel-1 Flood Delineation with Supervised Machine Learning
Lead partner LINKS, POLITO
Double-Step U-Net - A Deep Learning-Based Approach for the Estimation of Wildfire Damage Severity through Sentinel-2 Satellite Data
Lead partner LINKS, POLITO
Investigating the Integration of Cultural Heritage Disaster Risk Management into Urban Planning Tools. The Ravenna Case Study
Lead partner UNIBO
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