Ravenna Open Lab - Shelter activities continue despite COVID-19 restrictions!

Last week, the Ravenna Open Lab run an internal online workshop with the local Soprintendenza Archeologica Belle Arti e Paesaggio (i.e. the manager of the Santa Croce archeologic area) to discuss the exact location of tools and sensors to be installed both in the archaeological area and in the Church.

UNIBO groups of experts and the manager of the area had the opportunity to identify the most appropriate spots for each of the proposed monitoring sensors.

The surveys and the tools will help monitor the area with an interdisciplinary approach thanks to the various competences fielded by the University of Bologna in the geomatic, hydrological, structural engineering, conservation of materials and geotechnical field. The operative meeting was highly appreciated by the local Soprintendenza and essential to proceed with the next activities in the area of Santa Croce.

The next appointment for the Ravenna Open Lab is the 3° Workshop which will be held on the 11th December with all the stakeholders of the area.

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