SHELTER celebrates its 2nd General Assembly

The SHELTER project team celebrated its second general assembly in Sığacık, Seferihisar district (Turkey), in a Two-day meeting session last 17-18th December 2019. During the event, partners showcased the achievements of the last six months outlining the roadmap with the next steps to be undertaken in view of the months to come.

During the two days, management, financial and technical aspects were presented and discussed, polishing the established collaborative pathway in order to better address the synergies among the different Work Packages.
Parallel technical meetings and two workshops, one on Exploitation & Dissemination and one on Open Labs, have detailed the discussions on the challenges and the ambitions of the exploitation and dissemination activities; and on transversal issues and how these will help to achieve project results.

After the meeting, SHELTER partners got to meet the Turkish local stakeholders the with a visit of the case study the in the Seferihisar district namely the Sığacık Castle.

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