Seferihisar district

Located in Izmir province, the municipality is characterised by rural areas and a coastal town. The district is in Seismic Zone 1, being the fault line directly beneath it and the whole peninsula subject to extreme heat waves and storms, which affect the traditional means of agriculture and fishery.

Since the year 2003, earthquakes of 5.6 and 5.9 magnitude have happened on the fault line directly under Seferihisar, causing severe damage and in the summer of 2017, an earthquake of 6.3 magnitude affected the İzmir province and extreme precipitation has been subject to an emergency plan in 2013.

The port town of Sığacık is characterised by fortress walls which are in deteriorating condition, vulnerable to earthquakes along with the protected historical building stock. Furthermore, the community is also vulnerable to both earthquakes and extreme climate events that affect their livelihoods.


Local businesses and practitioners of construction and restoration sectors will be involved, altogether with the academia, in a co-creation process searching for innovative adobe techniques and mixtures architecture for adaptation of vernacular earthen constructions to earthquakes and heat waves.

Structural (extension meters, strain gauges, accelerometers), geotechnical (piezometers, geophones) and climatic (temperature, humidity, rainfall) monitoring will assess the impact on the structures of earthquakes events. SHELTER will especially target a roadmap for increasing structural safety and reconstruction techniques for the fortress and the historic building stock, increasing community measures for disaster
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