Tower Spa

Tower SpA is a leading Italian independent insurance brokerage company. Tower SpA has developed a significant know how with regard to special risks, industrial risks, financial institutions, retail/bancassurance. Tower SpA helps clients in defining, designing, and delivering innovative industry-specific solutions that help them effectively manage risk. After the risks analysis, Tower spa addresses the most suitable insurance companies worldwide according to the kind of coverages required. The company core asset is the capillary network of business contacts among the leading insurance companies. A specific expertise concerns the risks associated with the built environment and infrastructures including heritage assets.

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Tower Spa has extensive experience in managing multiple risks within the built environment and infrastructures and can identify the most cost-effective combination of products to ensure sustainability.

Tower SpA has performed thousands of assessments exercises and has internal know-how and tools to identify risk profiles for a wide range of application scenarios including all managerial risks associated with stakeholders and decision makers involved, both private and public. Tower will bring the insurance perspective regarding usability and validation of SHELTER results and definition of insurance solutions for resilience financing.
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