Ekodenge Muhendislik Mimarlik Danismanlik Ticaret Anonim Sirketi

EKODENGE MUHENDISLIK MIMARLIK DANISMANLIK TICARET ANONIM SIRKETI is an SME founded in 1996 to provide consultancy and engineering services shaped around the vision of sustainability and related EU policy. EKODENGE sustainability Engineering Limited is the UK based office of the group focusing on EU level sustainability projects and consultancy services. The company’s main research areas are focusing on sustainable building design, energy efficiency, material and energy flow with LCA principles and software development for environment and energy related analytics. The company’s Research Groups is developing software platforms, web based solutions and GIS based tools with references from e-government applications.

The company has its own software platforms such as EPESUS for material and energy flow analyses with the LCA principle and Ene. Net Software Tool which supports architects and engineers on sustainable building design, and energy efficient construction methods and materials. Ene.Net is a tool for thermal calculations for designing and/or renovating building in a more energy efficient way and it has been used in Company’s projects of green architecture. The software makes the required thermodynamic and financial calculations presenting the needs and benefits for meeting the energy efficiency standards. EKODENGE has also long technical and managerial experience in the fields including efficient and sustainable construction processes, building materials, protected areas and park facilities design, infrastructure, environmental management including waste management, capacity building for industry and strengthening legislations for adaptation to EU Directives. Senior architects within the research group are also giving consultancy on BREEAM, LEED and auditing in buildings, renewable energy solutions and design.

EKODENGE is a company which integrates academic and research oriented sustainability expertise. With over 25 full time staff, the team is formed of researchers with Masters and PhD levels, from an interdisciplinary group of environmental, chemical, industrial, computer, mechanical, electrical sciences, civil engineers, planners and architects. Most of the staff has EU and international project key expert references with project management skills, where some of them are certified energy and LCA consultants.

Ekodenge has expertise in project coordination on international frameworks such as the CIP Eco Innovation, UNDP, WB and EUROPEAID Programmes. The company is actively working as WP leader or partner in various research projects. The company has a quality assurance mechanism and is actively involved in social activities such as training and awareness raising actions for sustainability.
The company is actively working as WP leader or partner within different consortiums in various research projects. EKODENGE has over 30 completed EU funded projects and 7 ongoing FP7 and H2020 projects. Six from Horizon 2020; NATURE4CITIES from SCC-03-2016, FISSAC from WASTE-1 2014 and BRESAER from the call EEB-02-2014, CIRC-PACK from H2020-CIRC-2016, INNOQUA from H2020-WATER-2015, HYCOOL from one from FP7; R2CITIES from the call EEB.ENERGY.2012 for Zero Energy Building.

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Ekodenge's experience is crosscutting the building sector and environmental sciences, providing insight on the practicalities of conserving cultural heritage and state of the art low carbon solutions. The company performs both research and development work and detailed designs for buildings and urban areas.

Ekodenge has extensive experience providing Life Cycle Analysis services, as to be provided in SHELTER project, as well as consultancy to market stakeholders part of innovative research projects. Furthermore, Ekodenge has developed its own software platform for LCA and other urban analyses, EPESUS. Also holding IT roles in SHELTER, Ekodenge's IT team has data analysis and software development capabilities, all aligned with its research team. providing outstanding understanding of innovative domains.

The team has also developed a risk management software named ERABIS for industrial facilities and holds a sound level of understanding for disaster management. Ekodenge's architectural services have been in protected areas, both for cultural heritage and national parks. The team's portfolio includes infills in heritage areas, masterplans and facility designs for national parks with vernacular architecture and archeopark.

In support of project demonstration works, Ekodenge's market experience in the building sector from the design phase of these projects to operational knowledge of tendering and working with public bodies will be useful.
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