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NOBATEK/INEF4 is a French private non-profit technological research centre and National Institute for the Energy Transition working to promote innovation in sustainable development and Energy Efficiency in building technology, architecture and urban planning. It employs more than 60 people, mainly civil, material, and energy engineers as well as architects, with a turnover of around 4 Million € for 2017 and offices in four locations in France (Anglet, Bordeaux, Rennes and La Defense Paris). INEF4 stands for Factor 4 National Innovation & Excellence Institute: Sustainable Construction and Refurbishment and its activity are based on a technological open innovation funding scheme on a PPP basis for R&D and innovation projects alongside the private sector.

NOBATEK/INEF4 carries out both R&D activity and short term technical assistance for private and public customers. It works both on projects focusing on local specificities, and on international R&D projects aiming at collaborating on innovation and disseminating best practices. For private and public building owners and architects, NOBATEK/INEF4 provides services in the design and assessment of sustainable buildings and neighbourhoods, with more than 100 sustainable buildings projects since 2005. NOBATEK/INEF4 works on environmental certification, energy efficiency and comfort simulation, design for recycling, development of new bio-sourced materials, water use optimisation, Nature based Solutions, green construction process organisation, life cycle analysis, sustainable refurbishment and building performance monitoring.

NOBATEK/INEF4 is also active on R&D projects for building products development in collaboration with manufacturers, and works on the integration of sustainable principles in buildings design and construction processes. In this line, NOBATEK/INEF4 also provides professional training on energy efficiency and sustainable buildings for professional stakeholders in the building sector. NOBATEK/INEF4 also works since 2009 on the development of novel solutions for sustainability assessment of districts, both through research projects and through field applications. Our NEST tool has been developed under this activity and is now fully operational. We have applied it in various urban development projects and is part of several EU funded projects.
Main research facilities include a testing platform for new products (comparative assessment, energy performance, long-term monitoring, etc.), a laboratory for materials testing, a monitoring of buildings team and an Indoor Air Quality team with a dedicated space for testing emissions. Equipment for 3D modelling and prototype construction is also available since 2017. More info at:

NOBATEK/INEF4 is a RTO member of the Steering Committee of the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) and is especially active in the Energy Efficient Buildings Committee. NOBATEK/INEF4 is a recognised player in R&D projects both at national and European level, where it is currently involved in many projects, mainly in the field of Energy Efficient Buildings.
NOBATEK/INEF4 is currently coordinating six Horizon 2020 projects. Four from the Energy Efficient Buildings PPP: E2VENT and BUILT2SPEC from 2014 call, HIT2GAP from 2015 call and BIM4REN (2018). Also we are coordinating the INNOQUA project from the H2020 Water Programme, and NATURE4CITIES, a SCC NBS project, both launched in 2016.

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NOBATEK/INEF4 has extended experience in R&D, methodologies and tools development, and filed applications on the main domains concerned by the SHELTER project. The technological centre carries out supporting and assessing works for sustainability in the construction and the renovation of urban areas. It developed different tools applied in field operations, such as NEST tool for easy LCA assessment in planning design, and PROLOEPS tool for the analysis of the best strategy of energetic renovation at district scale.

Regarding architectural heritage, NOBATEK/INEF4 in collaboration with TECNALIA, carried out many technical assessments for the restauration and the protection of historical buildings facades. NOBATEK/INEF4 leaded also the project FENICS that aimed at revitalizing historical centres in Bask country, a participated to the European project SHBuildings for the development of a system for the degradation prevention of historical buildings.

NOBATEK/INEF4 leads also R&D project and field operations to apply Circular Economy on building construction and renovation projects, mainly with concepts of reuse, design for deconstruction and reversibility. NOBATEK/INEF4 developed immersion tools and methodologies for awareness and consultation of citizens in the frame of planning projects (IMMERSITE), and for operator training using 3D lenses (BATISCAF).

Finally, NOBATEK/INEF4 has extended experience in the assessment and the use of nature based solutions (NBS) in building and planning projects. The centre coordinates also the H2020 projects NATUR4Cities and INNOQUA.
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