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SISTEMA GMBH is a privately-held company founded in 2009 in Vienna as R&D office of its mother company MEEO Srl (Italy). SISTEMA offers its Customers a wide range of products and services based on remote sensing analysis techniques and IT Applications. Thematic services include meteorological, environmental, and dedicated Applications/General Services and research projects.

SISTEMA GmbH mainly focus its R&D activities on meteo-climatic data processing, climate data services, solar radiation mapping, multi-spectral and multi-temporal analysis, geo-spatial data infrastructures implementation for time series access and visualization (climate data, air quality, forest, fire detection), standardization of processes (OGC, Inspire).
SISTEMA is the official distributor of MEEO products, including eodataservice: eodataservice is a geospatial data access and exploitation platform that implements the full data lifecycle; besides commercialization, SISTEMA aims at improving the products realizing specific R&D activities in direct contact with Universities, Research Centers, Customers and End-users.

The principal role of SISTEMA within the project is the management of all the activities and tasks concerning the data collection and information collection. SISTEMA is itself involved in the collection, the pre-processing and the provision of meteorological and climate parameters both as archive time series and recent data gathered from remote sensing, ground weather stations, Copernicus programme and ESA data sources.

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SISTEMA has experience in Earth Observation products and services, data processing tools, big data platform and climate data service. With its background and experience as research and technology development performer the role of SISTEMA role is data source and knowledge base task leader and it deals with the data requirements analysis, data procurement, climate risk indicators definition, data standard definition and impact indicator and information collection. SISTEMA will be SHELTER data manager.
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