R.E.D. Srl

R.E.D. SRL is an Italian SME founded the 23rd of January 2006 as a spin-off with the CNR from Italy as shareholder. The company was created specifically for the development, production and installation of innovative devices, ad hoc built sensors and monitoring systems to deploy in climatology, microclimatology, indoor air quality/comfort and energy efficiency in buildings. In particular, applications in Cultural Heritage are targeted since research in this field often requires particular sensors and devices not always commercially available. Its strategy is (i) to develop, install and exploit ad hoc and commercial monitoring systems (ii) to innovate and develop sensors and devices outside of the conventional application range to support and enhance monitoring systems. The company is also active in the design and installation of renewable energy systems for buildings, shallow geothermal systems coupled to heat pumps in particular.

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R.E.D. SRL has participated in 5 FP collaborative research projects and is currently partner in 3 H2020 projects. Monitoring systems and sensing devices were developed and installed in several EU research projects: CETIEB (colour temperature sensor development), Nanomatch (climatic monitoring), Effesus (thermal transmittance and indoor climate/comfort monitoring in cultural heritage), InnoWEE (energy efficiency and indoor climate monitoring), Cheap-GSHPs and GEO4CIVHIC (thermal and electrical energy and indoor climate monitoring).

Furthermore, R.E.D. Srl has been partner for the monitoring and sensor development in several National research projects in cultural heritage: Lacaux caves (France), Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, Museum and Cathedral of Santa Croce (Firenze, Italy), Longobardo temple (Cividale del Friuli, Italy), San Bernardino Cathedral (l’Aquila, Italy). Net, the company has the necessary knowledge and expertise regarding sensors and monitoring systems required for the tasks 1.3 and 3.1 in the SHELTER proposal.

In addition, the main researcher is bringing his experience in crisis management from his functions and responsibilities during his industrial career with respectively UCB (plant manager at an industrial site) and Tate and Lyle Europe (group director of safety, quality and environment over 13 sites).
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