Estudios Gis S.l.

ESTUDIOS GIS S.L. is a consulting firm specialized in Information Technologies with geographic component. It was founded 20 years ago and since then, our aim is to provide added value services to public administrations and private companies in the growing use of emerging technologies for decision-making processes and also in solving complex management problems.

Along these years, we have been working on both, national and international projects in consulting services, and also in deployment and maintenance tasks of IT systems and SDIs covering the whole cycle of geographic data. This has been done through complex workflows combining web services and geographic data repositories over high security systems in interoperable environments. In this sense, we provide solutions for geoinformation validation, monitoring and management to deliver cartographic products, satellite images, statistics and graphic content. Our experience includes consulting services to implement IT systems, preparation of statement of conditions and evaluation of tenders.
Furthermore, since our early beginnings we have a deep expertise in Cultural Heritage. Since over 21 years we are Managing the Cultural Heritage of the Basque Government, integrating more than 30000 elements of interest of the Basque Cultural Heritage. We also have implemented the Information System of the Cultural Heritage for the ZAIN foundation, and together with Tecnalia we have implemented the Information System for the Bogotá Historical Center Regeneration for the Cultural Heritage of the Distrital Institute of the Alcaldía Mayor de Bogotá.

Our projects have made possible for us to work in the deployment of the European Directive INSPIRE directive and also have given us the opportunity of becoming members of the Spanish Spatial Data Infrastructure. In this sense, we have run in European Project ICARUS (, working over security topics in aspects such as processing, managing, monitoring and geographically representation of data from on board sensors; in addition to that, we have also processed images from Sentinel 1 and 2 (Copernicus).

Our products and services have received several awards like Premio Consultoría TIC – Cantábrico Excelente (Year 2016) and recently Premios Tecnologías siglo XXI – Categoría Smart City (Year 2018). Those awards have fueled our commitment for specialization, client orientation and continuous innovation.

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EGIS are experts in Software development related to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) management covering the whole geographic data cycle from the capture to the implantation.

In SHELTER, they will work in the integration of geospatial data sources and creation of data models and geospatial data visualization leading the creation of the Resilience Dashboard (T5.3).
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