Seferihisar Municipality

SEFERIHISAR MUNICIPALITY is the local governmental body of Seferihisar, small harbour town 45 km’s from Izmir, at the coast of the Aegean region in Turkey. With an area of 386 km2’s and a population of 40.800, agriculture and fishery has been the main livelihoods of Seferihisar. Seferihisar became a Cittaslow town and Turkey’s Cittaslow capital in 2009.

Seferihisar is a member of the following international associations: ICLEI, UCLG, UCLG-MEWA, EGTC, Eurodesk, Energy Cities, Blue Flag Organisation, Covenant of Mayors, Compact of Mayors. Seferihisar is member of the following national associations:

  • SODEM (Social Democratic Municipalities Association)

  • Historical Towns Association (Tarihi Kentler Birliği)

  • Turkish Municipalites Association (Türkiye Belediyeler Birliği)

  • Aegean Municipalites Association (Ege Belediyeler Birliği)

  • Seaside Aegean Municipalites Association (Kıyı Ege Belediyeler Birliği)

  • Peninsula Municipalities Association (Yarımada Belediyeler Birliği)

  • UFTP (National Photovoltaic Technology Platform)

The foreign funded projects of Seferihisar Municipality are as follows: Sustainable Fishery between Italy and Turkey (EU - web), Preserving Teos’ Marshlands (UN SGP - web) Seferihisar’s Traditional Kitchen (UN, Anadolu Efes, Turkish Ministry of Culture-web) and youth exchange programs like Denmark Swendburg Cittaslow Project (UN and National Agency), Let's Meet (UN and National Agency), Healthy Food - Development of Health Conscious (UN and National Agency), Handicamp (UN and National Agency).

Seferihisar Municipality runs sports schools and workshops for children and youth in different neighbourhoods of the town, Can Yücel Seed Center for the reproduction of local seeds, the Children Municipality for the education and participatory governance of children, a day-care center for the disabled, a heritage museum.

Seferihisar is internationally famous for its historical Ottoman harbour in Sigacik district and the ancient city Teos dating back to 2000 BC, along several other ancient cities and historical / cultural heritage sites including baths, aqueducts, mosques and schools. Sigacik city walls built in the 16th century upon the order of Suleyman the Magnificent. So, the surrounding walls and the castle relevant to this project are not only important as historical heritage, they are also the symbol of the town. The city walls and the castle are registered as cultural and archaeological heritage by the Turkish Ministry of Culture in 1985.

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The municipality develops projects for the evaluation and approval of the related governmental institutions in preservation and restoration of the historical heritage sites. SEFER will represent key stakeholder group and provide Seferihisar as a case study for validation of SHELTER.
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