Conselleria de medio ambiente e Ordenacion do territorio - Xunta de Galicia

DIRECCION XERAL DE CALIDADE AMBIENTAL E CAMBIO CLIMÁTICO is the competent body on climate change in Galicia, within the Regional Ministry of Environment and Territorial Planning, Xunta Galicia.

Dirección Xeral de Calidade Ambiental e Cambio Climático exercises the competences and functions in terms of evaluation and control of the impact on the environment caused by human activity, or the promotion of systems and strategies to correct this incidence, the evaluation of the effects of certain plans and programs on the environment , the management of the environmental observation and meteorological forecasting systems of Galicia and the promotion of environmental research and technological development for the achievement of adequate environmental protection.

In addition, the Dirección is in charge of the management of the environmental observation and meteorological forecasting systems of Galicia and their dissemination; participation in the development of contingency plans in the face of natural or anthropogenic catastrophes; the promotion, development and coordination of initiatives and research projects in environmental matters and their dissemination; the coordination and monitoring of the Galician climate change strategy, and, in particular, the actions related to compliance with the Kyoto Protocol and adaptation to climate change concequences; the preparation and monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions inventories and the application of the emission rights trading scheme; the control functions of the air quality networks and of the State Registry of Emissions and Pollutant Sources, as well as, advice and assistance to the municipalities on the application of the regulations against acoustic pollution in Galicia, among others.

Recently, Dirección Xeral de Calidade Ambiental e Cambio Climático has facilitated the creation of the EIT Climate KIC Spain Antenna in Galicia which aims to be an extension of EIT Climate KIC Spain in Galicia, for the development of the climate change innovation ecosystem of Galicia and its interactions at a national level and international, bringing to this region the opportunities offered by this European strategic initiative.

Dirección Xeral is also willing to participating as a Programme owner of the CICERONE CIrCular Economy platfoRm for eurOpeaN priorities strategic agenda.We will work on the basis of our own mandates, in the programming in Circular Economy, encouraging the implementation of the Circular Economy in the public administration.

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Regional Government Body which exercises competences in terms of control the impact on the environment from anthropogenic causes. GAL will be involved providing, as a SHELTER case study, the Baixa Limia – Serra do Xurés Natural Park in order to analyse the hazard of fire events worsened by CC.
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