Euronet Consulting EEIG

Euronet Consulting EEIG is both a pan-European group of cutting-edge consultancy companies and a global network consisting of partners in Official Development Assistance (ODA) countries. The group was established in 1990 as a coordination hub for the management of joint operations in a broad number of thematic sectors. Over time it evolved to become a means by which services of member companies have been made readily available to major international donors, primarily the Commission of the European Union. This has involved the implementation of several Framework Contracts.

All in all, in over 20 years of operations, EURONET and its members have organised well over 4000 such missions to 150 countries in the EU, Asian, Africa, Latin American and European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) regions. EURONET is a one-stop hub for all types of development projects, and a coordination centre providing tailored information and business support services. Customisation of proposed services and the international reach of the group help to create additional value that benefits clients and members alike.

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EURONET’s activities in SHELTER will be coordinated by Petrit Doberdolani (EURONET’s Development Manager). EURONET will guarantee stakeholders’ engagement, and drive institutional communication/ dissemination actions.

EURONET will lead T8.1. In its capacity of driving large international projects, engaging both EEIG members and non-members with communication and dissemination activities, EURONET is perfectly suited to run this task.
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