Stichting Ihe Delft Institute For Water Educational

STICHTING IHE DELFT INSTITUTE FOR WATER is the largest international water education facility in the world. Its mission is to contribute to the education and training of water professionals and build capacity to organisations active in the fields of water and environment. IHE Delft has provided graduate education to more than 15,000 water professionals from 162 countries. Over 150 PhD fellows are currently enrolled in water-related research and more than 120 water research and capacity development projects are carried out throughout the world at any one time.

IHE Delft centres its education, research and capacity development programmes around six key themes: Safe Drinking Water & Sanitation, Water-Related Hazards & Climate Change, Water & Ecosystems Quality, Water Management & Governance, Water, Food & Energy Security, and Information & Knowledge Systems. Through each of these themes, the Institute addresses the major water issues and challenges faced at an international level.

The institute has vast experience in research projects and led FP7 projects like KULTURisk (Knowledge-based approach to develop a prevention culture of water Risk) and PEARL (Preparing for Extreme and Rare Events in Coastal Regions) and is coordinator of three Horizon 2020 projects including RECONECT (Regenarating ECOsystems with Nature-based solutions for hydro-meteorological risk rEduCTion).

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IHE Delft Institute for Water Education is involved in capacity development projects helping institutions and individuals to learn from and coach each other on disaster resilience particularly in the water domain.

IHE supports learning initiatives on a wide range of issues, from assessing costs, risks and opportunities to the demonstration of adaptation measures (flood-proofing critical infrastructures, amphibious buildings) and implementation of approaches through learning and action alliances.

The key to our approach is working in partnership, addressing the needs of the citizens, policy makers, practitioners and other community stakeholders, by facilitating the exchange of best practices advice, information and experience between member cities.

IHE will coordinate SHELTER Open labs and Dordrecht case study. To boost this effort IHE can leverage its strong global alumni network, consisting of over 15.000 water experts from more than 160 countries. These water professionals are ‘working on the ground’ often in positions of influence and they understand how their city should deal with water-related hazards.
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