LINKS Foundation

Aiming to become the reference research center for organizations that want to grow and increase their competitiveness and reliability, or talented students interested in developing their skills in a young and stimulating environment. We collaborate at an international level with universities, companies and public institutions enhancing synergies and complementarities among them.

We develop cutting-edge technologies and innovative processes applied to real cases with an entrepreneurial approach, multidisciplinary and problem solving oriented, to face the challenges set by digital transformation and its impact on environment and society. Digitalization is changing the world: LINKS Foundation exploits technologies and knowledge to shape a better future for everyone.

We strive every day to ensure that everyone is able to express their potential at fullest. We contribute to accelerate innovation processes by bridging basic and applied research. We develop and promote best practices in the fields of engineering and territorial development. We start from the local, and maintain an international perspective to change the world for the better.

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Environment and climate are essential: for Life on Earth and for that within LINKS Foundation. We select talented students, and provide the job market with excellent people. Whether we are talking about skills, knowledge or discovering the world, we pursue continuous improvement.
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