Santa Croce church and archeological area
Seferihisar district
Serra Do Xurés Natural Park in Galicia
Sava River Basin
Sustainable Historic Environments holistic reconstruction through Technological Enhancement and community-based Resilience
The overall objective of SHELTER is to establish cross-scale, multidimensional, data-driven and community based operational knowledge framework for heritage-led and conservation-friendly resilience enhancement and sustainable reconstruction of Historic Areas to cope with Climate Change and natural hazards.
Main Highlights

SHELTER celebrates its 3rd General Assembly 23-25th September

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the three-day 3rd General Assembly took place entirely online.

During the first day, a semi-open session saw over +60 participants, including SHELTER project team, SHELTER Project’s Advisory Board and invited guests. Among them, the coordinators of ARCH and HYPERION projects together with EASME representatives. 

An overview on the SHELTER project was carried out presenting first results and upcoming activities regarding: existing data and knowledge; assessment and monitoring; community-based resilience and Open Labs; tools and solution and the data-driver platform.

During the session, SHELTER’ sister projects ARCH and HYPERION were presented to investigate potential synergies and collaboration opportunities among the projects.

The second day, reserved for SHELTER partners, was dedicated to project reporting. In particular, outlining Work Packages status together with the achievements of the last six months of the project, laying the path for the next steps to be undertaken for the next period. 

The last day, saw the SHELTER Open Labs presenting results from their second cycle of workshops. In particular, criticalities and impacts brought by COVID-19 were assessed together with the identification of strategies to overcome the identified issues, outlining the way forward of the foreseen activities for the next period.

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PARTICIPANTS +60 persons from all Consortium partners and invited guests. COORDINATOR TECNALIA
Project Manager: Aitziber Egusquiza WORK PLAN During the 1st day of the event, an overview of SHELTER project together with the project’s first results were showcased, setting the grounds for synergies among the invited projects in the coming months. The 2nd and 3rd day SHELTER partners showcased the achievements of the last six months of the project outlining the roadmap with the next steps to be undertaken. During the meeting, it was assessed the impact of COVID-19 on SHELTER Open Labs activities and outlined the best ways to move forward and not record any deviations to the project timeline.

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