Santa Croce church and archeological area
Seferihisar district
Serra Do Xurés Natural Park in Galicia
Sava River Basin
Sustainable Historic Environments holistic reconstruction through Technological Enhancement and community-based Resilience
The overall objective of SHELTER is to establish cross-scale, multidimensional, data-driven and community based operational knowledge framework for heritage-led and conservation-friendly resilience enhancement and sustainable reconstruction of Historic Areas to cope with Climate Change and natural hazards.
Main Highlights

SHELTER Sava River Basin Open Lab: Second Stakeholder (online) Workshop

The one-day workshop will see 6 consecutive sessions with discussions around various aspects of flood risk management and cultural and historical heritage in the Sava River basin. During this workshop, stakeholders are invited to discuss on:
  • The past flood events in the Sava River basin and floods resilience indicators
  • The Cultural and historical heritage data - needs for the SHELTER project;
  • SHELTER's stakeholder/user platform, introducing the Sava Open Lab Task Group with peer learning experience.

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PARTICIPANTS 53 persons from all Consortium partners COORDINATOR TECNALIA
Project Manager: Aitziber Egusquiza WORK PLAN Launching of the project. The Work Plan and timing was reviewed and confirmed, and administrative and financial matters presented and communication, dissemination and exploitation plan launched. The selection of the Steering Committee (SC) was confirmed and following the KoM the first meeting of the SC took place.

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